The NBA and Covid-19

NBA and Covid-19: We knew that the NBA would inevitably be forced to deal with COVID-19 complications this season but I’d imagine most of us didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.

On just the second day of the season, the league was forced to postpone Wednesday’s game between the Rockets and Thunder as a result of coronavirus precautions, the NBA and Covid-19.

  • The Rockets did not have eight eligible players (the league minimum required to play a game) for several different reasons because of the NBA and Covid-19

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  • Three Rockets players returned COVID-19 tests that were either positive or inconclusive, and four other players were quarantined because of contact tracing protocols
  • the NBA and Covid-19.
  • James Harden was made unavailable due to violation of the league’s Health and Safety Protocols. He attended a birthday party for a friend and admitted to interacting with numerous people without wearing a mask (he tested negative but was still made unavailable for the game due to the violation)
Obviously, this is not the start to the season the Rockets (or the Thunder, by proxy) were hoping for, and our Bill Reiter says it paints an ominous picture for what’s ahead in this unpredictable season.
  • Reiter: “As the Rockets story spread Wednesday, already soiling the start of an otherwise exciting NBA season, many around the league had a knew-it-was-going-to-happen fatalism. Few believe this season will proceed outside of a bubble without a wave of problems similar to what the Rockets are experiencing. Many believe strongly that things could get bad enough that the season, if not postponed, will at least face the likelihood it will be paused and the calendar pushed back.”
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If it wasn’t already clear, the success and smoothness of this NBA season will very likely hinge on the individual behavior of everyone involved. One selfish or reckless player could contribute to delaying or derailing the season for everyone — think Rudy Gobert the first time around. Apathy could be a major issue this season, and a disgruntled Harden is off to a red hot start in Houston, huh?

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